1 Device Description

2 Setup procedure

Using WifiWall

4 Messages and actions


WifiWall, a revolutionary miniature hardware device, protects you and keeps your data safe even when connecting from Public WiFi!

1 OLED screen


2 Upper button

short press- select next screens

long press- pair a new device to WifiWall


3 Lower button

short press- sound on/off

long press- Connect WifiWall to a WiFi network, not needed for normal operation (requires an additional app- see below)


4 Micro USB - charging port


5 Restart button


6 Power On/Off button



Please follow the next 2 steps, and your first Wifi Device is protected!



In order to pair your WifiWall with a device:


Press and hold the upper button for 7 seconds.









The following screen will appear:

Pairing new device screen:


1 Name of WiFi network WifiWall is broadcasting- Choose This network on the device you wish to pair 


2 Password to enter on request

WifiWall will publish WiFi Network “WifiWall_Setup” and a password, in the above example: “123456-47”. Connect your device to this WiFi network.


Next: select the device icon, this icon will represent your device on WifiWall display.


3 An icon selection screen will display:

This screen appears after you connect to WifiWall_Setup network.


You are required to select your device icon. 




Upper button  confirm a selection

Lower button  select icon


Select the appropriate icon by pressing the button key. Change selection using the different options with the lower key, press the upper button to confirm your selection.


4 Pairing is done!  WifiWall will display the following screen:

And will restart. You may now connect your device to any WiFi network, WifiWall will follow it automatically and protect your WiFi connection.


* WifiWall protects up to two devices simultaneously on the same network.



When WifiWall starts, it displays a splash screen:

1 Connection bar. Green - WifiWall is connected to a Wifi network. Note that this is not needed for normal operation. If WifiWall is connected, it will anonymously report attacks to our cloud.  Red - WifiWall is not connected. 


2 Product name: WifiWall 2.4 GHz 


3 Version number


4 Protected MAC addresses 

After few seconds it will proceed to the WiFi Scanning screen:



In this screen, WifiWall is monitoring all the existing channels and SSIDs in the vicinity. It also protects your device. This screen will also appear when your protected device is in WiFi sleep mode.  Note that even in such mode, if there is an attack on your protected device WifiWall will detect it and report.

1 Radar bar - shows the product is scanning

2 # of WiFi networks in your vicinity

3 The WiFi channel of your protected device

4 Charging icon- WifiWall is being charged

Battery icon- show the status of WifiWall battery

6 Currently inspected channel



Whenever your protected device is connected to a WiFi network, and it's awake, WifiWall will switch to the following screen:

1 Name of WiFi network your device is connected to


2 The security level of this Wifi connection



3 Paired device #1 is on and connected


4 Similarly Icon- Appears when there are other networks with 85%+ name similarity to the network you are logged on


5 Attack alert icon- Appears when you were recently attacked


6 Caution icon- Appears when you were recently notified by a caution message


7 # of WiFi networks in your vicinity


8 WiFi signal strength of your connected Wifi network (name at 1)


9 Connection bar. Green - WifiWall device is connected (not needed for normal operation). Grey - WifiWall device is not connected


10 The WiFi channel of your connected Wifi network


11 Charging icon- WifiWall is being charged


12 Battery icon- show the status of WifiWall battery


13 Paired device #2 is on and connected





Use the Upper button to switch between the different screens. Once you get into a screen with sub-menu (e.g. Setup screen), use the lower button to navigate menu options, and the upper button to make a selection. After a selection is made, you will move to the next screen/menu.


WifiWall menu/screens:


Splash screen       Scaning Screen      Main screen     Networks screen     Setup menu     Status screen 


The networks screen is provided to list all available SSIDs in the vicinity. WifiWall will display the signal strength, the channel and if the current SSID is at least 85% similar to other SSID 

1 Name of WiFi network


2 The security level of the router (Unsecured/WEP/WPA/WPA2/WPA3)


3 The signal strength of WiFi network


4 WiFi channel number



1 Control the speaker (on/off)


2 Pair new device to WifiWall. (This can also be reached by a 7-second press on the upper button from the main screen).


3 WiFi Setting. This option requires WifWall Connect app for Android or Apple IOS.  You may find the app in the App Store after Feb-15-2019.  The app allows setting the internal WifiWall WiFi connection so that it can access the internet. WifiWall accesses the internet to deliver anonymous attacks information and in future to check for firmware and software updates.  If you do not want to send anonymous attacks information to our cloud services please do set a Wifi Network for WifiWall. This will also prevent from WifiWall receiving anonymous attacks information from other devices. 

1 Continue to next page


2 toggle sound on/off


3 Pair a new WiFi device to be protected by your WifiWall (can also be executed by long press on the higher button). Note you may repeat this step twice for pairing the 2nd device.


4 Connects your WifiWall device to a WiFi network- Requires an additional app, the App will be available in Apple and Google Stores later.


5 Start Software update. This will check for a new WifiWall 2.4GHz firmware version and if it exists, downloads and install. (requires Wifi connection)


The following screen will be display:

1 Waiting for the App to start


2 Progress bar - an indication that the App and WifiWall are communicating

You may abort by pressing the upper or lower button



Now connect your phone to the WiFi network you wish that WifiWall will to connect. Open Wifi Connect app in your phone:

1 The App will display the Wifi network name


2 Please enter the Wifi password and Go



The app will detect your currently connected SSID. Just enter the password and press Confirm. WifiWall will receive over the air the SSID and its password and will store in its memory and restart.


WifiWall will try to connect to this WiFi network after restart. If successful, it will show a green dash ("Connection bar") on the left upper corner of the splash screen, otherwise, it will display a red dash for a second. 

1 Connection bar. Green - WifiWall is connected to a Wifi network. Note that this is not needed for normal operation. If WifiWall is connected, it will anonymously report attacks to our cloud.  Red - WifiWall is not connected. 


2 Product name: WifiWall 2.4 GHz 


3 Version number


4 Protected MAC addresses 

At any later time, you can see if WifiWall is connected to a Wifi by checking the green bar (or grey if not connected) in the main screen:


WifiWall 2.4GHz updates may include new detection and prevention techniques, protocol analyzer improvements, software improvements, new GUI and bug fixes. We strongly recommend to do it regularly. 


The Software update requires to connect WifiWall 2.4GHz to a Wifi network, check “Wifi Setup” section above.


Please follow the following instructions:


1  You need to have WifiWall 2.4GHz version 1.55 or later. If you own version 1.52, please check our manual update post sent to all IndieGoGo customers.


2  Make sure WifiWll 2.4GHz is connected to a Wifi network.  You check the Status screen or when the product start, the green bar at the top of the splash screen.


3  Go to "WifiWall Setup" -> "Software updates".  If you are connected to the WiFi network, WifiWall 2.4GHz will do an update. 

1 Software update screen: if Wifi is defined and WifiWall 2.4GHz is connected, WifiWall 2.4GHz will connect to our update server. The message "Connected" means that - WifiWall 2.4GHz is connected to the update server.


Now it will download and install the new firmware version; please do not turn off the device until this process is completed and WifiWall 2.4GHz reboots.


After it restarts will show a new Version number in the splash screen.

Version number


Mac address of paired device #1


Mac address of paired device #2


The WiFi network WifiWall  is connected to


Last attack type


Battery level


This screen is provided for general information on WifiWall:



WifiWall supports two types of messages:


1  Caution

2  Alert




Caution message will be displayed when WifiWall identifies a monitoring activity on your protected devices.  This may be a legitimate action done by WiFi network management tools in a controlled area (Enterprise Wifi network)  or a preparation to attack your device.


We do not recommend any specific action in such a case. Unless it happens very frequent (few times in a minute)  and you are in a public WiFi. In this case, stop using the WiFi for 10-15 minutes. You may try again later, it this repeat, avoid using this public WiFi network for the rest of the day.



Alert message in a public Wifi network is a strong indication of an attempt to attack your device. This may be an attempt to divert your connection, hijack your connection etc.  WifiWall will send Wifi (802.11 management) frames to your device advising it to disconnect, however, we strongly recommend you to avoid using this public WiFi network for the next 15 mins. Later you may reconnect, but if this happens again, avoid this WiFi network for the entire day.


If Sound is on: WifiWall will sound alert tone (may be mute, see Setup Screen).

1 Mac address of the paired device under attack


Attack type



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