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    WifiWall Office is designed to provide an enterprise-grade solution to every office with an automatic and user-friendly solution.



    WifiWall Office Protects your Office WiFi network with a multi-layer approach- Two miniature hardware devices, each providing a different layer of WiFi security: 


    WifiWall IN-Office monitors ALL WiFi traffic inside the office’s WiFi network, detecting any attempt to crack the WiFi encryption, hijack stations traffic, de-auth and constitute a man in the middle attacks, etc.


    WifiWall Office-OUT monitors all traffic external to the office WiFi network, detecting attempts to establish rogue Access Points that are trying to divert your station’s traffic with or without captive sites, Evil Twins and malicious Access Points that spoof the Office’s WiFi networks, etc. WifiWall Office-OUT also creates up to 20 deceiving WiFi networks, with name similarity (SSID) to the Office WiFi. The deceiving networks lure and confuse the Attacker trying to infiltrate your network, significantly increasing his probability to fail and be caught before even reaching your network. When the Attacker tries to connect to a deceptive WiFi network, WifiWall proactively notifies designated personnel to handle the problem before any damage can be done. 


    While WifiWall Office-OUT detects and deceives Attackers even before connecting to the Office WiFi network, WifiWall IN-Office detects them if they are already in your Office’s WiFi network. Working Together in concert they provide your office with the optimal WiFi security solution.


    Items included:

    • Two WiFiWall Office Devices
    • Two Chargeable Batteries
    • Two Docking Stations


    Note: Wifi 5.0Ghz networks are not supported. 

    Shipping is expected to begin in the middle of April 2019

    Color: Black

      WifiWallOffice includes WifiWall IN-Office and WifiWall Office-OUT devices each comes with Docking Station.



      Note: Wifi 5.0Ghz networks are not supported. 


      This product is for 2.4Ghz WiFi networks only. There will be no refunds due to lack of WiFi 5.0Ghz support. 

      Refund will be available if hardware arrived broken, malfunction or destroyed during shipping. 

      Refund shipping cost must be covered by the customer.

      No refunds are allowed 60 days past the purchase order date.


      World Wide standard shipping is available.


      Shipping is expected to begin at the middle of March 2019

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