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After selling his company to Microsoft for 200 million dollars, Ohad Plotnik is Joining
WifiWall to cure the Wireless cybersecurity 


TEL AVIV, Israel, MARCH 22, 2020 –After selling his Cybersecurity startup to Microsoft in 2014,  Ohad Plotnik, the co-founder of Aorato, is joining as a co-founder to the WifiWall team as a General manager, where he will be Managing all of the U.S operations.

After more than 15 years of experience in the information security industry, Ohad had the privilege and opportunity to work on some of the most complicated cybersecurity projects in the financial, private and governmental sectors.

Ohad is joining forces with Shlomo Touboul, WifiWall founder, a veteran CyberSecurity entrepreneur who sold his first company to Intel, invented the field of mobile code behavior analysis and sandboxing, founder of Finjan, Yoggie Security systems, and lastly the CEO of Team8’s illusive networks.

"I am delighted to join WifiWall and Shlomo, together we will let customers reclaim control over their Air Channels and Data," said Ohad, "WiFi is a black zone in the customer's infrastructure. Our next-generation WiFi cybersecurity solution provides visibility and controls back in customer control, revealing and isolating the attacker in action." 

“ We are pleased to have Ohad joining our highly professional and growing team, “ said Shlomo, “we are addressing a most challenging and unsolved Infrastructure risk and exposure, and with Ohad joining as a co-founder, we are determined to deliver a remedy. It's time for WiFi to be as secure as a wired network.“

The WiFi Cybersecurity Challenge

Since it started in 1997, WiFi is an ongoing infrastructure risk and entry point to many sophisticated and straightforward Cyber Attacks.  While WiFi is designed to operate seamlessly, providing the same experience of connecting a network cable to a socket, WiFi fundamental design left endless opportunities for the Attacker.  

The combination of non encrypted management and control frames (even when using VPN) open to the public and lack of identification mechanism, authorization and privilege management, access control, and flat encryption makes WiFi as the playground of choice to penetrate and attack. 

The situation got worse, and today enterprises, corporations, and large public WiFi networks lost control of their “air space.”  IT cannot avoid employees connecting to “free” WiFi available from nearby coffee shops and bypass corporate network security, or from launching their hotspot to serve coworkers, etc.

Many tools for creating Rogue Access Point are available today to cyberkids and the state-level Attacker.   The Attacker can launch a Rogue Access Point running on the shelf hardware or worse by attacking any of the hundreds of WiFi cameras around the target office. The next step is using the Camera hardware to attack all nearby stations and devices.  The attack can now spread to the connected machine and move laterally to the following network, as demonstrated by the Emotet, Malware, with the most severe damages to the banking sector. 


While WiFi is the de facto standard to stations, IT and Cyber teams cannot guarantee that critical infrastructure devices and systems, dependent on WiFi will not connect to Rogue Access Point or worst Evil Twin.


The WifiWall Solution

WifiWall Dome is a patent-pending next-generation WiFi cybersecurity solution. WifiWall Dome is delivered as a service to enterprises and corporations globally. 


WifiWall Dome intercepts all WiFi traffic (nonintrusive), providing the following values:

  • Full WiFi visibility

  • Attacks detection and prevention

  • History and forensics data 

  • Real-life (endpoint view) network performance monitoring

  • Attack simulations and red team tools


WifiWall Traveler - is a mobile unit protecting travelers while connecting to
any public WiFi network.


About WifiWall LTD.

Established in 2018, Wifiwall LTD. launched the WifiWall Dome product line that is installed and deployed in production networks of corporations globally. 
WifiWall is a self-funded Israeli startup. 

For more information, please visit 

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