Rogue Access Point and See us @ CyberTech 2019

People asked me, can you show us how WifiWall 2.4GHz detects and alerts Rogue Access Points? ... and no, we do not have abilities of Red Team or PenTest team, so we cannot operate aircrack-ng, etc.

So, we end up building a real Access Point (AP) and a Rogue AP on two WifiWall hardware, and it looks like that:

Making a step forward, I created a video at my home (yes!) using amateur equipment (yes!), demonstrating the whole process. 

I showed it to my team, and they immediately reacted: "Shlomo, you are not sending this unprofessional video to anyone, right?" , "couldn't you find a better camera?", "how could you choose pink for the font...". 

I think that it is authentic, and serve its purpose: showing how effectively WifiWall 2.4GHz detects and alerts Rogue AP using straightforward but powerful tools. 

So, here is the result:

Next step?

As this video shows, the attacker is using a built-in DNS server (it's in the Rogue AP) to direct the client requests to its connection portal (very much as Hotels, and other public Wifi do) - which is HTML based. He can equally use it to deliver malware or a bot to the client, that will act long time after the client left this Wifi network.

If you want to see it in action, come and see us at CyberTECH 2019 Tel Aviv.

Also, during the show, you can buy all our products at a 20% discount (on top of 20% introductory discount) using the following coupon in our shop: "cybertech2019".

The coupon will expire on January 30, 2019.

That's all for today,

Don't Wifi without WifiWall,



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