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WifiWall Office

How it works


 WifiWall Offices includes a set of two miniature hardware device: WifiWall IN-Office and WifiWall Office-OUT. Working in concert together, WifiWall IN-Office monitors all WiFi traffic inside the Office WiFi Network detecting active Attackers working inside your WiFi Network. 

The WifiWall Office-OUT monitors all the traffic outside of your WiFi Network detecting Attackers trying to hijack your Office WiFi users to their malicious networks. WifiWall Office-OUT also creates deceptions WiFi networks to lure attackers and detect them at the initial stage before even penetrating your Office WiFi Network.


When WifiWall Office detects a WiFi Attack, it immediately terminates the connection of the attacked device before any damage can be done and sends an email message to the Office Admin.


No need to install any software on the protected WiFi devices (no software agent is required), therefore devices may be, phones, tablets, Laptops, Desktops, and even WiFi Cameras, Web-TV, etc.


WifiWall Office setup is user friendly & designed for non-technical personnel. Using a phone app- “WifiWall Connect” (both for android and IOS), the user defines his office's WiFi Network to be protected. 

From this point on, WifiWall Office works autonomously. WifiWall Office discovers all the current devices connected to your WiFi Network and keep them as a base line. Every new device connecting after, is reported to the Office Admin via email. The Office Admin can approve the addition of new devices to the base.