WifiWall works non-intrusively almost exclusively, only connecting to a WiFi network every couple of minutes to transmit the analysed data to the management application and then immediately disconnects. 


The system requires each device to be provisioned to your organization’s WifiWall user and to acquire a WiFI network parameters in order to transmit data over.

  • Use SSL

  • Deployment

  • Notification email

In order to set up your wifiWall Dome devices please follow the below steps:

1  Register and sign up your user at

2  At admin.wifiwall.com/ go to
“Setup” tab by clicking the “Setup”
      button on the Menu.

3  Configure all relevant parameters
      in setup page:


  • SSID

  • Password

  • Hidden SSID Host

7 Wait for the device to connect the network and display a provisioning code on the screen.

8 Enter the “Devices” tab on the management application and click the “Add” button. Type the code displayed on the device GUI and click “OK”.

WifiWall Dome device will be provisioned to your organization and will restart.

WifiWall from now on will monitor continuously all WiFi traffic in the area!

4 Note: do not forget to click
     the “Save” button.


5 Position the device near the
      AP and connect it to power.

6 Open a hotspot near the device
      with the next configuration:


  • SSID = wifiwall_setup

  • Password = 12345678

*These details will appear
  on device GUI.

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