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All offices alike share a dire WiFi security problem.

WifiWall Office is designed to provide an enterprise grade solution to every office with an automatic and user friendly solution.

All offices alike share a dire WiFi security problem. As they are stationary, prone to habit and hold extremely sensitive information (their company’s and their client’s), they are a valuable and very vulnerable target for WiFi attacks. As oppose to large enterprises, the SMB offices, Satellite & remote Offices and Home offices, lack the WiFi Control Systems which large IT department provide and manage.

WifiWall Office Protects your Office WiFi network with a multi-layer approach- Two miniature hardware devices, each providing a different layer of WiFi security: 





   WifiWall IN-Office monitors ALL WiFi traffic inside the office’s WiFi network, detecting any attempt to crack the WiFi encryption, hijack any station's traffic, de-auth attack, constitute a man in the middle attacks & etc.


    WifiWall Office-OUT monitors all traffic external to your office WiFi network, detecting attempts to establish rogue Access Points that are trying to divert your office users traffic with  captive sites, Evil Twins and malicious Access Points that spoof the Office’s WiFi networks, etc. WifiWall Office-OUT also creates up to 20 deceiving WiFi networks, with name similarity (SSID) to the Office WiFi. The deceiving networks lures and confuses the Attacker trying to infiltrate your network, significantly increasing his probability to fail and be caught before even reaching your network. When the Attacker tries to connect to a deceptive WiFi network, WifiWall proactively notifies designated personnel to handle the problem before any damage can be done. 

   While WifiWall Office-OUT detects and deceive Attackers even before connecting to the Office WiFi network, WifiWall IN-Office detects them if they are already in your Office’s WiFi network. Working Together in concert they provide your office with the optimal WiFi security solution 

Protecting your Office’s WiFi Network

WifiWall provides an Enterprise grade WiFi security for the SMB offices, Satellite & remote Offices and Home offices. By constantly monitoring all WiFi traffic, WifiWall detects internal WiFi attacks and creates WiFi wAccess Point deceptions to lure and detect Attackers before penetrating the Office network.

Support and Updates

WifiWall Office comes with a 12 months complementary product support of software and Attack knowledge base updates. After 12 months, additional subscription can be purchased separately.

Unauthorized Device connections

WifiWall detects and alerts connections of new and unknown WiFi devices

A complete WiFi solution for your whole office

Supports up to 128 WiFi devices including Servers, Workstations, Laptops, Tablets, Phones and other Wifi devices such as Wifi Camera. The devices need to be within WiFi reception range or requires additional WifiWall offices for out of WiFi reception range.

No Performance degradation

WifiWall is a completely non-intrusive solution and therefore does not delay your network’s traffic.

Creating WiFi Network Deceptions

WifiWall publishes multiple similar WiFi Networks to your SSID that will lure and deceive attackers to detect and stop the Attacker even before penetrating the Office’s WiFi Network.


content manipulation

Tired of inaccessible content you cannot access because your own products prohibit it?

WifiWall does not interfere with any of your activities.


your Router

WifiWall detects and Alerts of malicious Twin and Rouge Access points before they can divert your WiFi traffic and create a man in the middle attack.

While WifiWall Office-OUT detects and divert Attackers even before connecting to the Office Wifi network, WifiWall IN-Office detects them if they are already in the Office network and disconnects your attacked device from the WiFi network before any damage can be done..


WifiWall Office

Technical Details